Knitted Tams
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Looking for a knitting project that is easy to carry around, rewarding to make, and as plain or as creatively complex as you’d like? Try a tam. Their circular shape can be embellished with a simple stitch pattern or a kaleidoscope of beautiful color. Mary Rowe presents the formula for the basic tam and then leads you through a color theory exploration to prepare you to create your own personalized palette. We recommend using Palette when choosing the colors for your tam. You can make tams at many gauges, with various yarns, and for all sizes of people. The possibilities for exploring color use in tams are infinite. This book offers 29 unique border patterns and 10 wheel patterns.

Discover the key to selecting beautiful, coordinating colors for your next project with our Teleidoscope Tutorial.

Size: 39 decorative patterns—104 pages
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