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Knit One Knit All
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Knit One Knit All is a must have book for fans of Elizabeth Zimmermann and features 39 new patterns that have never been published in any other of Zimmermann's five books! The theme of this book sticks to the classic garter stitch which Zimmermann uses masterfully to create exciting and clever hats, gloves, mittens, sweaters, jackets, vests, slippers and baby garments. The ideas for the designs found in Knit One Knit All started back in 1972 when Zimmermann was working on the Knitter's Almanac. However, many of her publishers found a book based on only one stitch seemed unmarketable and the idea was eventually set aside and forgotten about. Many of the designs that are now in Knit One Knit All did not have written instructions and were recreated by piecing together sketches and notes from EZ's journal. Although the patterns were not written out by Zimmermann herself, her spirit and tone was preserved in the way the patterns are presented to allow adventurous knitters to to create garments any size they wish or adjust as they go to make it their own. This amazing collection of patterns includes Elizabeth Zimmermann's original journal entries as well as watercolors and drawings.
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Author: Elizabeth Zimmermann
Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 39 projects - 168 projects