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Large Scale Blocking Kit

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Many things become simple when you accept you're no longer a dabbler. You can give up the token drawer of actual clothes and concede that the dresser is just for yarn storage. You can admit that TV is just an excuse to spend an evening knitting. And you can finally buy the big kit that lets you block and care for absolutely anything that comes off your needles, no matter what size it is.

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4 out of 5 stars

This set is a little bit better than the small sets that are so common, but once again, it does not come close to the larger things that come off my needles. My blocking mats are sold as play mats for toddlers, are almost half an inch thick and are two feet by two feet each (four square feet apiece) and can be bought in larger quantities at a discount, so that if you want to block a bedspread for a queen size bed or even a california king size, you can back the cars out of the garage and put the mats together to handle for example an eight foot by nine foot sized project with relative ease. Or I could knit a blanket liner for a draft horse if I felt like it. I can even felt the draft horse blanket liner. But nobody in their right mind is going to market kits for extremists like me. There are too few of us for it to be worth the effort. So you get moderately big blocking kits that brag about being big when extreme knitters are still stuck with devising our own extreme set ups. But even not counting people on the fringe, there are at least two other companies that offer sets of 25 blocks (5' times 5') and not merely 18 blocks. One of them is a company called Lion Brand Yarn, which is a company that is over 100 years old and which has offered this blocking kit for over five years that I know of. The other company is relatively new but expanding rapidly. So this kit is a worthwhile new choice, but not excellent compared to other choices.