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Jewel Fade - Hawthorne Value Pack

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Get an instant fade with Knit Picks exclusive color curation for the Find Your Fade Shawl.

Evoking brilliant jewels like aquamarine and beryl, emerald and ruby, this hand-picked collection of Hawthorne yarns has all the colors you'll need to make a rich and eye-catching green-to-red fade with plenty of contrast and drama.

Value Pack Includes
  • 5 full-sized hanks of Hawthorne Fingering Multi (Woodlawn, Mt Tabor, Abernathy, Happy Valley, and Lovejoy),
  • 1 full-sized hanks of Hawthorne Kettle Dye (Poseidon), and
  • 1 full-sized hank of Hawthorne Speckle Hand Paint (Italian Ice).
(Yarn as pictured: Italian Ice, Poseidon, Woodlawn, Mt Tabor, Abernathy, Happy Valley, and Lovejoy.)

Total Yardage: 2,499
Item No. 44361

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