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5 out of 5 stars

Love this kit, love this blanket. It is my second one, I made the Decor last year for my daughter and son in law for Christmas. Made the Baby this year for other daughter. This time I backed it with good quality fleece in gray and tied the squares. It is so cozy and cuddly this way. Friends in my knitting group liked it so much they ordered five kits. I want to make another one so hope that they are back in stock soon.

3 out of 5 stars

So I did not make the baby kit. I bought and tried to make the jewel kit. The colors are very pretty with the exception that I ran out of yarn. The directions states to use solstice to mattress stitch the sections together; when I got done with the last section that requires solstice, I only had about an inch of yarn left, not nearly enough to mattress stitch the four sections together. As I complete the last section, I notice that the color rogue will not be enough for me to complete the afghan. I've already placed an order for the rogue colored yarn and am now awaiting its arrival so that I can complete the afghan. I plan on using the black border yarn to stitch the sections together and then attach the border. Other than, not halving enough yarn, the afghan is very pretty or at least it will be when I get done.

3 out of 5 stars

I did not purchase the 'baby' color kit but the jewel tone kit. He colors are very beautiful. It's just that I ran out of two of the colors of yarn, the rogue and solstice (this was suppose to be the yarn color to mattress stitch the sections together). I finished section 1 block 25 with about a half inch of solstice left, so I knew there was no way I could use that color to stitch the sections together, the saving grace is that the border is black and so I will be using that to stitch the sections and do the borders; I just hope that there will be enough! All the yarn provided in the kit is very well matched but in the end I have about a foot to a foot in a half left over. The tails of all the cut sections are about a inch in length, my advice tighten your stitches or you'll run out of yarn. I'm in the process of waiting for the extra yarn that I have ordered to arrive before I am able to complete the afghan; extra black yarn has also been ordered.