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5 out of 5 stars

I purchased the Curio sampler and I am very pleased. The colors are magnificent and the sheen is beautiful. I haven't worked with it yet, but I can already tell it's going to be wonderful in my hands. I don't usually bother with reviews, but I'm so impressed with this cotton. If you've been eyeballing Curio, go for it!

5 out of 5 stars

I bought this sampler because I love thread crochet especially doilies. I crochet several hours a day and have done so for years! I love everything about this thread! It is soft to touch meaning it also is not abrasive on hands or fingers. The colors are rich and deep and delightful. AND it never every twists or snarls while working with it. The price is perfect too. This has become my go to thread for all my thread work. Thanks Knit Picks for such awesome thread!

5 out of 5 stars

I am so gratified to find such fine quality and beautiful colors all in one place. To add to my pleasure, there is a great amount of yardage combined with a much more than reasonable price!! I love the more subdued and graceful colors in this selection. I am currently working on a bed coverlet using all the colors. I am making small granny squares that have 3-dimensional flowers in the center. The thread is not stiff by any means but has enough body to create any 3- dimensional form you might desire. It is wonderful to work with, with a fantastic hand. Because of the large amount of yardage on each ball, I do recommend that you NOT try to wind these into cakes. I did try with one ball and ended up ruining it when it ended up a tangled mess. Rather, use a ball holder that you can purchase, or you can easily make one using a toilet tissue holder that you can attach to a small wooden board or under a shelf near where you crochet. Mine is attached next to the bed and works great, although I also have one I purchased that is made of wood, has the wooden dowel that goes through the center of the ball and slips into two upright side bars so the ball spins freely. Down below, the upright bars are attached to a box with a slide-out top that can hold your hooks, a small pair of scissors and other small items you use for thread crochet. It's nice since I can move it around from room to room. Either way, I suggest you leave the thread on the original ball and not try to wind it into a cake. You may be able to wind it into a ball by hand and use it in one of the beautiful bowls made for holding yarn or thread. All in all I am very pleased with my purchase, glad that I saved money by getting the sampler and will be buying more. The thread I managed to save from my disastrous attempt to make a cake will be used to make a few small flowers to top some pens. They sell well at bazaars and yard sales. It was sad since I loved the color!! I lost the Ash color. It made a very beautiful granny square when matched with the silver. I like the monochromatic look and was devastated to lose it but it was my own fault! So please learn from my mistake and leave those gorgeous large balls of thread as they are!! Enjoy the great quality, color and the great price for so much yardage!!!