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JOMO Knits
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Are you tired of ‘doing’ all the time? Afraid of not being in the loop or having enough ‘likes’? Feeling frantic, frazzled and full of FOMO (the FEAR of missing out)? Then it’s time to slow down, disconnect from your screens, put your feet up and enjoy some JOMO (the JOY of missing out), preferably with a ball of yarn, some knitting needles and a cup of tea. This inspirational book of 21 gorgeous knitting projects also includes insights into how to use knitting to unwind from the relentless demands of our over-stimulated and digitalized lives and rediscover how to connect with ourselves, and those around us, in a more meaningful way. Split into three main sections Nest, Explore and Share the projects are designed to be savoured, being in the moment and enjoying every stitch rather than worrying about achieving a perfect end result. Dotted about are special sections exploring the link between knitting and JOMO, along with humorous observations and lists.
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Author: Christine Boggis
Binding: Softcover
Pages: 21 Projects, 151 Pages