Getting Started

To start, we ask that designers submit a one-page proposal of their idea—to protect their intellectual property, we ask they do not submit their completed pattern for the initial submission. If the pattern is already written, that’s great and should be noted on the proposal.

The one-page submission should include the following information:

  • Clear photograph of the project or a swatch of the design

  • Detailed description of the idea or project

  • Yarn the project will be (or is already) in

  • Designer’s name, address, email, and phone number

  • Clearly state if yarn support is needed. The specific yarn weight, color, and yardage should be listed.

  • Pattern selling price ($1.99, $2.99, $3.99, $4.99, $5.99, $6.99, $7.99, 8.99)

  • Optional information: a mini-biography, Ravelry id, website, and blog

For those new to the IDP program, designers should upload their pattern proposals using our Pattern Proposal Portal. If designers have already published patterns in the IDP Program, they should submit their proposals by logging into their Vendor Portal.

The Review Board will most likely only see this one-page submission, so designers should be sure to send a professional and easy-to-understand PDF document. An example of the type of submission we require can be found here: One Page Submission Example.

Designers are welcome to submit proposals for previously published patterns, such as those for sale on Ravelry, Etsy, and other websites, provided they are the sole owner of the design. They may also submit proposals for patterns that were previously submitted to other publications/websites but not accepted, provided there is not an exclusivity agreement with the publisher and the designer is the sole owner of the design.

Next Steps

Designers should receive an email confirming that we received their initial submission. Due to the large number of submissions we receive, the response time for acceptance or denial of patterns could be up to 6-8 weeks, though most responses are within 30 days.

We are looking for a wide range of patterns—from garments and accessories to home décor and toys. Unfortunately, not all patterns may be accepted to the IDP Program. Some reasons include (but are not limited to):

  • Most often, we simply have too many patterns in the same category of projects or yarn type/weight.

  • Sometimes, we feel the pattern will not work well with the yarn suggested or will not represent our yarn well.

  • We take seasonality and the buying habits of our customers into consideration.

  • The proposal does not meet all of our submission requirements.

If a pattern is accepted, Knit Picks will offer yarn support for designers for a sample in our yarn; yarn is provided at no cost to the designer. Please note, we welcome designs from designers all over the world. However, at this time, we can only ship yarn to US, Canada, UK, or Australian addresses. 

Pattern Details

Designers are responsible for having each pattern tech edited and tested prior to the final submission. Ravelry has a directory of tech editors willing to work with newer designers, which can be found at this link. Testers can also be found at The Testing Pool on Ravelry. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide yarn support for testers.

Designers are also responsible for pattern layout and graphics. We do not have a specific layout we require and designers are encouraged to use a pattern layout that enforces their individual brand and matches other patterns they have in publication. Above all, patterns must be well written, clear, and easy to understand. 

Knit Picks does require certain information and formatting requirements for the IDP patterns.

  • All patterns must be in PDF format, with a maximum pattern file size of 5MB. There are many applications and programs on the internet that can be used to reduce the file size.

  • Patterns must be designed in portrait orientation.

  • Pattern must include a photograph of the finished project in the Knit Picks yarn listed, though other versions may be included as well.

  • A list of sizes should be included in the pattern, as well as a schematic if applicable. A schematic is not needed for simple designs such as hats or scarves.

  • A list of abbreviations and terms used in the pattern. Please make sure they match the Knit Picks standard abbreviations, which can be found here 

  • Properly formatted computer-generated charts, if applicable.

  • All non-system fonts should be embedded. Decorative fonts that are not embedded may print incorrectly.

  • A cover sheet is added by Knit Picks to each IDP pattern, which includes the designer’s email address for pattern support. An example can be found here.

  • A watermark is printed on every downloaded pattern to discourage unauthorized distribution. This watermark will take up the bottom .5" (1.5 cm) of the pattern, so please make sure no pattern information is located there or it will be covered. An example can be found here.

We prefer designers to photograph their own projects for use in the pattern layout and on our website. We are proud of the high-quality photos on our sites; therefore we require any outside photographs to meet the following specifications:

  • Photos must be .jpg format

  • Maximum image size: 600 pixels, 5MB

  • 72dpi resolution

  • Modeled photographs are preferred to flat photos, as customers can see the project "in action" (for example, a scarf should be shown on a model rather than photographed on a flat table)

  • Samples should not be photographed on dress forms, mannequins (including heads), or dummies. These types of photographs do not show the project in the best manner and do not meet our creative standards.

  • Models should be wearing appropriate clothing that does not clash with or distract from the project. All models must be wearing appropriate undergarments.

If we are unable to accept the designer's photos but still wish to include the pattern, we will require the sample to be sent in to be photographed by our team, though this may delay the pattern release. We try to have a wide variety of models for our projects but for most photoshoots, our models fit these samples sizes:

  • Women's garments - 34"-36" bust

  • Women's accessories - small

  • Women's socks - prefer medium to large

  • Men's garments - 38"-40" chest

  • Child/baby - changes, please check with the IDP coordinator for the best sizes.

Samples should be clean, error-free, and blocked to the appropriate final measurements. They will be returned to the designer within 90 days of the pattern being posted for sale. Project samples should be sent to the following address:

Knit Picks
c/o Pattern Sample Manager
13118 NE 4th Street
Vancouver, WA 98684

Final Submission Details

Once the sample and pattern are completed, designers may upload their final submission. All finalized patterns and pattern information needs to be submitted via the IDP Finalized Pattern Portal. All designers need to use this link, whether they are a new designer or an IDP veteran. Once submitted, the pattern will be evaluated on pattern writing, tech editing, photography, charts & schematics, and PDF layout design. Once accepted, the final pattern will be posted on the Knit Picks and/or WeCrochet sites.

New designers are also required to submit a signed Terms and Conditions form which will be sent upon final pattern acceptance.