Revised 10/26/2016

Changes are in bold.

Rnds 51-55: Rep Rnd 50, 5 times, substituting the next corresponding Rnd from Taranis Right Chart. 52 (68, 84) sts

Taranis Right chart: Rnd 39 from Taranis Right chart has an symbol error in stitch columns 19-23. The symbol should instead be 2/1/2 LPC.

Taranis Left chart:: Rnd 25 from Taranis Left chart has a symbol error in stitch column 23. Currently the symbol is for sssk and should instead be Dec5.

Rnd 51, column 3; Rnd 53, column 5 and Rnd 55, Column 7: the stitches should be sssk (and not k3tog).


Rnd 51, column 30; Rnd 53, column 28 and Rnd 55, column 26: the stitches should be k3tog (and not sssk).