Revised 9/18/2014

The same size needle is used for the whole project, so the direction to "With smaller needles, cast on..." has been removed. Cast on with the same size needle as you use for the rest of the piece.

Revised 9/23/2014

The previous errata of 9/18 was incorrect, and knitters will need a size 4 needle for the body and a size 7 circular needle for the CO and BO. Additional clarification for rows 41-300 has been added: "Working as established, repeat Chart rows 41-60 a total of 13 times for the center panel, while at the same time working full repeats of the outer motif sts 1-15, rows 41-64."

Revised 9/14/2016

In the Border section, BO all sts p-wise using larger needles.