Revised 8/6/2014:

The legend for some of the cable stitches was cut off. The full descriptions are below.

c3 over 3 right P: sl3 to CN, hold in back, k3 then p3 from CN

c3 over 2 right P: sl2 to CN, hold in back, k3, then p2 from CN

c3 over 2 left P: sl3 to CN, hold in front, p2, then k3 from CN

Revised 6/18/2020:

Instructions following Collar Increase Row have been updated as follows to be more clear:
Work in Seed st, working increases as follows for as long as needed until  there are 29 (30, 32, 32, 34, 34, 36, 36, 36) sts between the markers and the ends of the row: work a Collar Increase row every row 10 times, then every other row (if applicable).