Due to a large number of changes to the directions and Rings Chart, please contact customer service for an updated version of the pattern. 

Revised 3/26/2015

In the Rings chart on row 11, column 37, the stitch should be a Central Double Increase. 

Revised 9/25/2015

Row 11 - Stitch 13: Changed to a Central Double Inc.

Row 12 - Stitch 7: Changed to a P3tog, Stitch 8: Changed to No Stitch, Stitch 43: Changed to P3tog.

Row 13 - Stitch 12: Changed to No Stitch, Stitch 13: Changed to (k1 p1 k1) in 1 st symbol.

Row 14 - Stitch 42, Changed to SSK.

 Row 23 - Stitch 12: Changed to P2tog, Stitch 37: Changed to Purl, Stitch 38: Changed to P2tog.

If using stitch markers they'll shift on several rows because of the Double Increases and Double Decreases. The markers go: 1 st left on row 12, 1 st right on row 13, 1 st left on row 14, then back 1 st to the right on row 15.