Revised 7/16/2014

Symbol for sl1 stitch added to legend. 

Revised 9/18/2014

Charts have been significantly corrected. Download an updated copy from your library, or contact customer service for the updated version.

Yarn yardage for Shadow Lace Yarn is 440 yds, not 110 yds. 

Revised 8/31/2015

The Border Chart has been revised. Please contact Customer Service for an updated copy of the chart.

Revised 9/14/2016

In the Border section, the third sentence of instructions has been clarified. It now reads: "On each RS row, work the last st as a P2tog by slipping the last Border st pwise, picking up a st pwise from the edge of the Stole, and then purling those two sts together, joining the edging with the body."