Revised 4/3/2012

Icicle Chart
Row 11: sts 11 and 36 should be knit.


Icicle Chart, P4
St 2, row 1, should be "no stitch".

Falling Leaves Chart, P.2

Sts 1-12 and 29-40 are off by 1 row. Transpose only these sts as printed down 1 row for proper chart orientation. Contact Customer Service for an updated chart.

For clarity, chart reading instructions have been updated to read:

Falling Leaves Section
RS (odd-numbered) rows in this section are worked as follows:
K3, sl m, yo, *work sts 1-12 from chart, repeat sts 13-28 (between the heavy black lines) until there are not enough sts before the next  marker to work another full repeat, work sts 29-40 from chart to next m, yo, sl m, k1 (center stitch), sl m, yo, repeat from * to next m, yo, sl m, k3.

Snowflakes Section - omit setup rows.Revised directions follow:
This section is worked from the Snowflakes Chart.
Note that the yo’s at the edges and around the center stitch are not worked in this section. The garter stitch borders continue.
Work all RS (odd-numbered) rows in this section as follows: K3, work from Chart to center st, k1, work from Chart to last 3 sts, k3.
Work WS (even-numbered) rows as follows: K3, p to last 3 sts, k3

Snowflakes Chart, P.3, Line 43: The first k2tog should be a knit stitch instead.

Snowflakes Chart, P. 3, Line 49, column 8 should be k2tog, not K

Snowflakes Section: Work from Chart through row 59.
Row 60: (WS) K3, p to center st, m1, p to last 3 sts, m1, k 3.