For Immediate Release:
June 16, 2008
Angela Modzelewski
360-260-8900, ext 145,

Vancouver, WA. Knit Picks is excited to introduce an innovative addition to our Options needles family- our new Zephyr Acrylic needles. The Zephyr needles are made of strong, lightweight acrylic with the same sharp points and flexible cables you’ve come to love from Knit Picks’ Harmony wood needles and Knit Picks’ nickel plated needles. As knitters, we love how fast and slick the nickel plated needles are. We also appreciate the grippy Harmony needles when we’re working on lace and socks. But we still wanted something airy, light, and just a little bit flexible for cabling and travel knitting so we created Zephyr to fit the bill.

Knit Picks’ owner, Kelley Petkun, offers her own assessment of the new Zephyr needles, “With the amount of knitting I do, I love how warm, lightweight and flexible the Zephyrs feel in my hands. The set is perfect for a beginner knitter and is fantastic for stress-free travel knitting too!”

A whole interchangeable set of striking Zephyr Acrylic needles costs only $44.99 and includes the needle tips U.S. sizes 4 through 11 (excluding 10.75), 2 24” and 2 32” cables, 2 cable keys, 8 end caps, and vinyl cases for the cables and needles. It’s the ideal starter kit for newer knitters who are ready to invest in their first needle set. The interchangeable tips are also available in sizes 4 through 17, starting at only $3.49.

Zephyr Acrylic needles will be available online at in early August, 2009.

Contact Angela Modzelewski directly to schedule an interview with Kelley Petkun or to request images or additional samples.