For Immediate Release:
February 23, 2009
Angela Modzelewski
360-260-8900, ext 145,

Vancouver, Washington- If you love Knit Picks’ needles, yarn, and prices, you’re going to love our new tools. Knit Picks is excited to introduce an entire line of signature knitting tools from stitch markers in convenient storage pouches to a handy (and pretty!) yarn cutter on a carabiner to lace blocking wires and blocking mats. We’re especially excited about our new ball winder which can either be operated while clamped to a table or while you hold it in your hand with an ergonomically designed handle. The complete line of Knit Picks knitting tools includes:

1. Brass Ring Stitch Markers, 100 pieces for $1.99
2. Knitting Stitch Markers, 30 markers for $1.99
3. Flexible Stitch Markers, 30 markers for $1.99
4. Locking Stitch Markers, 20 markers for $1.99
5. Split Ring Stitch Markers, 24 pieces for $1.99
6. Retractable Tape Measure for $1.99
7. Bent Tip Tapestry Needles, 3 needles for $1.99
8. Row Counter for $1.99
9. Yarn Cutter and Carabiner for $4.99
10. Pill Remover for $3.99
11. Knitting Needle Coil Wraps (for storage) for $1.99
12. Ball Winder for $19.99
13. Cable Knitting Needles for $.99 each
14. Double Ended Crochet Hook, set of 4 for $4.99
15. Sock Knitting Needle Holders, 2 for $4.99
16. Lace Blocking Wires; 15 wires, 20 T-pins, and instructions for $19.99
17. Blocking Mats, 9 12” squares for $19.99
18. Blocking Pins, 35 for $3.99
19. Sock Blockers, available in 3 sizes for $9.99 each

If you’ve been waiting to add a few new items to your knitting tool kit, now’s the time to get them.

In conjunction with our new line of tools, we’re releasing three new videos in the Video Tutorial section of our interactive, online Knitting Community- “How to Block a Sweater”, “How to Use a Ball Winder and Swift”, and “How to Block Lace”. The videos and tools will be available on by March 1st, 2009.

To request hi-resolution photos or samples, please contact Angela Modzelewski at