For Immediate Release:
April 1, 2008

Angela Modzelewski
(360) 260-8900 ext 145,

Vancouver, WA- Knit Picks’ most popular sock yarn, Felici, is now available in eight new colors with a unique evenly spaced striping pattern. The new colorways have five alternating stripes that are each about 1/2" wide for socks, for a total repeat of about 2.5".

When asked to describe Felici, Knit Picks’ Vice President, Tina Birch enthused, “Felici is so fun and bright and colorful and super-soft – I run out of adjectives for this yarn! I love watching how the colors change every few rounds, making even a plain stockinette sock interesting to knit. And, Felici has so many design possibilities beyond just socks: the stripes do the work for you in mittens, gloves, hats and adorable baby pullovers.”

Felici’s versatility extends beyond simple striping. The even width of the stripes also allows for tons of new design possibilities from a faux fair isle to alternate stripe double stranding for a tweed look. Knit Picks’ in-house designer Kerin Dimeler explains, “The cool thing about the new colors of Felici is that the stripes are evenly sized — which means they're totally predictable. You can get really neat effects when you double-strand by pulling from both ends of the ball and either lining up one color repeat or offsetting the colors.”

Knit Picks has just introduced Patina, Martinique, Gelato, Provence, Coney Island, Dakota, Schooner, and Mixed Berries. All of our Felici colors are limited edition so once they’re out of stock, they’re gone for good. All eight colors, as well as six of our original colors are available now at

For more information on Felici or for hi-resolution jpegs, please contact Angela Modzelewski.