For Immediate Release:
May 29, 2008
Angela Modzelewski
360-260-8900, ext 145,

Vancouver, Washington- Self-striping hand dyed sock yarns are rare and elusive creatures. We’ve heard mythical tales of small children who were forced to run back and forth across long stretches of driveway dragging yarn and dye behind them or stories of dinette sets that have been repurposed to wind outrageously long hanks. Fortunately, Knit Picks has devised a new solution. Our brand new sock yarn dye blanks are long double-stranded pre-knit stretches of machine washable, merino/nylon blend sock yarn that you can hand dye using the dye method of your choice, and then knit directly from the sock yarn dye blank to easily create your own colorways and self-striping sock yarns.

How do they work? The process can be broken down into seven simple steps:
1. Soak your sock blank.
2. Mix your dyes.
3. Paint your sock blank with dye.
4. Steam on your stovetop to set the dye.
5. Rinse in the sink to remove excess dye.
6. Dry overnight.
7. Knit right from the sock blank!

One sock yarn dye blank contains 100g of double-stranded natural, 75% Superwash Merino Wool, 25% Nylon fingering weight yarn that is identical in quality and fiber content to our current line of Essential sock yarn. Each sock yarn dye blank sells for $11.99 and is enough yarn for one pair of socks.

The sock yarn dye blanks will be available for purchase online at the first week of June 2008.

Because the sock yarn dye blanks are such a revolutionary new product, Knit Picks will be offering a great deal of web support in the form of brand new video tutorials, written tutorials, and a knit-a-long in our new online Knitting Community at If you’ve played with the thought of experimenting with hand dyeing yarns before, but never taken the plunge, these sock yarn dye blanks will provide a fun, easy introduction to the joys of hand-dyeing.