MR. FOSTER — 40084

Revised 6/22/09


The original pattern contains an extra sentence at the start of the Henley Collar instructions on page 5. "Work around the pattern and decreases until 4 sts before the center front marker; place those 4 sts on a holder or scrap yarn." is incorrect. Later versions of the pattern reflect this.


Revised 6/3/09

Begin bottom shaping:
Work first 30 sts of round. Across back:
Row 1: K28, W&T.
Row 2: P20, W&T.
Row 3: K18, W&T.
Row 4: P16, W&T.
Row 5: K14, W&T.
Row 6: P12, W&T.
Row 7: K10, W&T.
Row 8: P8, W&T.
With RS facing, work across back, picking up wraps and knit them together with the sts they wrap. Work across front and then across right back, working wraps together with sts they wrap.

Revised 3/18/09

Attach Arms (page 2)

Begin decreasing as a raglan: Work to 3 sts before 1st marker, K2tog, K1, SM, K1, SSK; repeat at each marker. Knit one round even.

Revised 3/24/09

Face Shaping

(fourth paragraph)

Purl across row, pick up and P3tog both wraps and st they wrap, W&T. With right side facing....

revised 4/21/09


Ears (make 2)

Round 2: K to 2 sts before marker, K2tog, SM, K to end