ORIEL - 52565D

Chart Legend
Slip - Slip stitch as if to purl, holding yarn in back

Written pattern, Outer Hat: Crown
Begin to work back and forth, incorporating side panel sts: At end of RS rows, work charted SSK with next 2 sts of Side panel, then turn work; at end of WS rows, work charted P2tog with next 2 sts of Side panel, then turn. Work FB Panel Chart Rows 33–58 in this way. 24 (28, 32) sts remain for back panel.

FB Panel Chart:
WS rows 34-58 added on left-hand side of chart.
Row 33, stitch 1 is no-stitch (gray box).

Side Panel Chart:
No-stitch (gray) boxes added on left-hand side to match decreases worked. For example, on Round 14, at end of round, after P1, there are 3 knit sts, then 2 no-stitch boxes, then K2tog. No-stitch boxes are added before decreases, not on the following round as in original version.

Flap Chart:
Row 19: K2 sts (instead of 3) before K2tog at end of first portion; K2 sts (instead of 3) after SSK at beginning of second portion.
Row 20: Sts 42 and 76 are Knit sts (not decreases).

Brim Charts M & L:
From Row 14 up to the top, there is 1 fewer Stockinette st after the first decrease and before the final decrease from original version (for example, on Row 14: P2tog, P7 instead of 8... P7 instead of 8 before SSP at the end).