Kits » Hawthorne Summer 2017 Value Pack
Kits » Hawthorne Summer 2017 Value Pack

Hawthorne Summer 2017 Value Pack
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Every lane and gully in the city of Portland seems to have its own neighborhood with its own personality and proud history. As long as there are more neighborhoods, we'll be making more unquestionably colorful colorways for the Portland-inspired Hawthorne. (And when we run out, we'll probably move on to Vancouver!)

Value pack includes
  • 11 full-sized hanks of Hawthorne Multi (1 each of the 2017 colorways: Woodstock, Arleta, Kenton, Burlingame, Darlington, Springwater, Cully, Portsmouth, Kerns, Eliot, and Cathedral Park.)
Total Yardage: 3,927
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