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Greener Shades Acid Dye 1/2 oz
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Dye 3 pounds of yarn and fiber completely guilt-free with each 1/2 oz. jar of dye from Greener Shades. Not only are these low-impact dyes non-hazardous, non-chrome as well as heavy metal-free but they are also wash fast and exhaust well. Additionally, Greener Shades dyes follow the standard set forth by the Organic Trade Association's standard for organic fiber processing. Enjoy dyeing completely customized colors and combinations with these environmentally-friendly dyes that are easy to use - there is no separation of powder when mixing.

Note: The Coral Reef Aqua dye does contain copper compounds. Acid dyes are suitable for dying wool, nylon, silk, or any animal fiber, but not for plant fibers such as cotton. For more information, see the Greener Shades website FAQ.

Greener Shades Acid Dye
$11.50 $9.60 17% off