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Patterns » Game Knitting eBook

Game Knitting eBook
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Looking for an adventurous project? Or maybe you just want something completely new to inspire you? Did you ever wish you could knit and play a game at the same time? Combining all of the above into one unique idea, Game Knitting by Lee Meredith is an intriguing and fresh way to approach your knitting - allowing you to truly knit one-of-a-kind objects that are defined by the randomness of its design.

The concept is simple and the possibilities are endless. The basic idea behind Game Knitting is to use a list of things that affect your knitting and turn it into a game, which in turn determines the outcome of your knitting! Lee Meredith's creative approach to knitting is based around TV show - so maybe if you aren't game obsessed but do have a weakness for television, you will still be able to fully enjoy this ebook.

Game Knitting presents you with four base patterns that can easily be altered for hats, mittens, headbands and scarves. Additionally, you will also get an extended game list based on TV shows such as Full House, The Mary Tyler Moore Show and Saved by the Bell. These expanded game lists give you a lists of occurrences that happen over and over throughout the show. Using this occurrence as a guide, every time your chosen game list happens on the show - you make a change in your knitting! This change be anything from switching from knits to purls, adding in eyelets or changing short rows - the end result is a design that is unique to your game play.

You will find endless ideas to inspire your own game knitting with colorful photography and an extended reference section. Work your way through the different base patterns and game lists or even come up with your very own! In Game Knitting, your patterns are truly as endless as your own on!
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Author: Lee Meredith