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Faerie Knitting
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From New York Times bestselling author Alice hoffman and master knitter Lisa Hoffman, comes Faerie Knitting, a magical melding of words and yarn where the ordinary is turned into the extaordinary and where imagination becomes creation.

Featuring fourteen original fairy tales, Faerie Knitting is an entrancing collection of stories of love and loss, trus and perseverance. Seamlessly woven into the plot of each tale is a magical garment or accessory inspired by the bravery and self-reliance of the tale's heroine and brought to life through an imaginative and bespoke knit pattern.

From the Blue Heron Shawl and the Love Never Ending Cowl, to the three Wishes Mittens and Amulet Necklace, each project is as wearable as it is magical. Lush, atmospheric photography captures the enchanted faerie domain while beautifully rendered charts and instructions are well suited for beginner and advanced knitters alike.

Presented in an elegant linen case with foil accents that evoke the fairy tale tradition, Faerie Knitting is a rare gift for creators - and loves - of magic.
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Author: Alice Hoffman & Lisa Hoffman
Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 14 Projects, 112 Pages