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Crocheted Afghans
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Within the four chapters, you'll be able to explore all sorts of styles from "Vintage Style" to "Around the World", in a variety of stunning colors and yarns. Packed with 25 beautiful ideas for crocheted afghans, comforters, and blankets, Crocheted Afghans has a project for everyone and every design aesthetic. Create an heirloom effect with wraps based on antique lace and traditional textiles or, if you dream of pioneer patchwork, try one of the patterns inspired by Navajo motifs or crazy quilt patchwork. Don't be afraid of the professional, luscious look of the blankets you see in the photos--the designs have been created with simplicity in mind, so even novice crocheters will be able to produce exquisite pieces in no time at all. Many of the projects are made up of small, easy-to-work-with squares and motifs, so you can carry on crafting while on the move.

Including charts and detailed instructions, you'll have everything you need to make any of these beautiful 25 projects, plus the10 extra ideas for ways to make larger or smaller items, such as bed covers or pillows.
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Author: Melody Griffiths
Binding: Softcover
Pages: 128 Pages, 25 Projects