Kits » Value Packs » CotLin Value Pack - Watercolors
Kits » Value Packs » CotLin Value Pack - Watercolors

CotLin Value Pack - Watercolors
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CotLin is a cool and lightweight Tanguis cotton and summer linen blend perfect for washcloths and spa gifts and summer knits for children and adults. Tanguis (tan-gwiss) cotton has a very soft hand, excellent absorption and, because it is a naturally white fiber, a high affinity for dyes. The Belgian linen adds the characteristic flecks and additional absorbency with very low elasticity - helping to alleviate stretching in the finished knit. Summer linen has an extended growing period which results in a longer, stronger fiber. When blended with the already strong Tanguis cotton, it makes a durable, wearable, and soft yarn. The knit fabric will get softer with each wash too.

Value Pack contains:
  • 8 skeins of CotLin (1 each of Nightfall, Planetarium, Lilac, Blackberry, Whisper, Hydrangea, Pennyroyal, and Eggplant)
Total Yardage: 984
Item no. 46931
Thicket: Nature-Inspired Cable Knits
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AVAILABLE 02/08/22