Wonderfluff » Complete Wonderfluff Value Pack
Wonderfluff » Complete Wonderfluff Value Pack

Complete Wonderfluff Value Pack
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Add the entire lineup of Wonderfluff to your stash!

Softer than a kitten, fluffier than a cloud, Wonderfluff is a technological marvel! Silky baby alpaca and fleecy merino fibers are blown into and caught in a lightweight tube of nylon mesh. The result is a yarn that's beautifully bulky yet lightweight and warm, with surprising resiliency. Wonderfluff works with a wide range of needle sizes and with 142 yards per 50g, the generous yardage allows for large, luxurious projects that won't break the bank.

Pattern Suggestions: Professor Meow, Dr. Woof, Emberly Cardigan

Value Pack contains:
Total Yardage: 2,556
Item no. 46938

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