Luminance Lace » Complete Luminance Value Pack
Luminance Lace » Complete Luminance Value Pack

Complete Luminance Value Pack
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Indulge yourself (and your stash) with the entire line of decadent Luminance Lace yarn!

Wrap yourself in decadence with our lace-weight, ultra-luxurious 100% silk yarn. Luminance has amazing depth of color, superior sheen, and excellent drape, making it the perfect yarn for the finest shawls and flowing scarves. Prepare to swoon at the silky-smooth feel and fall in love with the radiant shine that shows off lace details like no other.

Value Pack includes:
Total Yardage: 7,024

Item no. 46896
Thicket: Nature-Inspired Cable Knits
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AVAILABLE 02/08/22