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Medium: paper
Size: 9.5" tall x 4" wide
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Color Grid
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Color wheels serve as excellent guides, but they do not work for everyone. The Color Grid is based on sound theory, but you don't have to learn that theory. The Color Grid will reveal color combinations that are guaranteed to work, and at the same time, build your own color confidence. Selecting color is simple using the Color Grid for any project. The Color Grid is laid out on a 2D "grid" surface that anyone can master. This intuitive layout allows for a easy understanding of how colors work together. Once the cover template is removed, place the largest hole over a color, the surrounding holes will reveal colors that work together. If you place the template vertically on the grid the holes and slot will show shades and tints of colors which will work together. Place the template horizontally, and the slot will reveal the color to give your project a spark. Use the Color Grid in any project and When you are finished using the Color Grid, return it to the clear sleeve to keep the pieces together. Printed in the USA.
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