Sales and Payment
The designer will earn the full amount of the purchased pattern - Knit Picks takes no commission or upload fee.  Payments to designers are made quarterly (January, April, July, and October) within 15 days of the end of the quarter.  All payments are through direct deposit for US designers and electronic payment for designers outside of the US. 

Note: When patterns are sold to customers in the UK and Australia, the price of the pattern maybe a few cents higher or lower, due to the exchange rate of that country's currency at the time of the sale. Designers are still receiving 100% of the sale price - we never take a cut of the sales.

VAT Taxes
Knit Picks collects and pays EAU VAT taxes for all digital products. This will not affect the amount of money you receive for your pattern, as the customer pays this tax.

If you find an error in your pattern, send a corrected pdf to the IDP Coordinator so we can upload it to our site. We will add a note to the pattern page, informing customers that here is an update to the pattern & a new version of the pattern will be in the customer's pattern library .  If your pattern has a Ravelry page, please add to correction there as well. 

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