Pattern Requirements
IDP Designers may  format your pattern any way you like; we do not have a specific layout we require. You are encouraged to use a pattern layout that enforces your individual brand and matches other patterns you have in publication. All patterns must be well written, clear and easy to understand. While we don't require a specific layout or design to your patterns, we do require that certain information appear on every pattern in the IDP program.

The following information must be included on the FRONT PAGE of your pattern:

  • The "Downloaded from Knit Picks" logo –(Click here for JPGPDFAI)
  • Copyright notice ("Copyright 2016, Designer's Name, All Rights Reserved")
  • Email address for pattern support ("For pattern support, contact: designer@emailaddress)

The following information must be included in your pattern, but can appear on any page:

  • Photograph of the finished project
  • A list of sizes included in the pattern. Sizes should be given by measurement, i.e. '34" (38", 42", 46", 50") bust circumference', rather than 'Extra Small (Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large)'.
  • Any applicable schematics. A schematic is not needed for simple designs such as hats or scarves.
  • List of abbreviations and terms used in the pattern. Please make sure they match the Knit Picks standard abbreviations.
  • Properly formatted computer generated charts, if applicable.


Pattern Formatting
Your IDP pattern must be formatted in the following manner:

  • All patterns need to be in PDF format.
  • Embed all non-system fonts. Decorative fonts that are not embedded may print incorrectly.
  • Maximum pattern file size: 5MB
  • Patterns must be designed in portrait orientation.
  • Please note: A watermark is printed on every downloaded pattern to discourage unauthorized distribution. This watermark will take up the bottom 1/2" of your pattern, so please make sure no pattern information is located there or it will be covered.


Designers are required to photograph their own projects for use in the pattern layout and on our website. Photographs must meet the following specifications and requirements:

  • Photos must be .jpg format
  • Maximum image size: 600 pixels, 5MB
  • 72dpi resolution
  • Photos must be well-lit, clear and in focus, and of professional quality
  • Modeled photographs are required for garments, with project shown as worn (for example, a scarf should be shown on a model rather than photographed on a flat table), so customers can see the project "in action." Samples can be shot flat for additional images. Modeled photographs are not required for non-garments such as blankets, baskets, or toys.
  • Please do not photograph your items on dress forms, mannequins (including heads), or dummies. These types of photographs will not show your project in the best manner, and do not meet our creative standards.
  • Please make sure your models are wearing appropriate clothing that does not clash with or distract from your project. All models must be wearing appropriate undergarments.


Test Knitting/Tech Editing
Designers are responsible for having each pattern tech edited and tested prior to final submission to Knit Picks. Ravelry has a directory of tech editors willing to work with newer designers, which you can find HERE. You can also find test knitters at  The Testing Pool  on Ravelry. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide yarn support for test knitters.


All charts must be computer generated and properly formatted. Our in-house designers use a program called Knit Visualizer to create their charts. Other software programs you could use include StitchMastery Knitting Chart Editor, Aran Paint, Stitch & Motif Maker, Stitch Painter, Virtual Swatch, and even Microsoft Excel.  Regardless of the software used, all charts must include:

  • Easy to read and understand information
  • Clean lines
  • Legend of symbols used
  • properly numbered rows
  • Pattern repeats clearly marked


Finished Project Samples
We require all new IDP designers to send in their finished projects before we approve the final pattern for publication. This allows our Review Board to check the technical aspects of your project before we sell a pattern to our customers. Samples should be clean, error-free, and blocked to the appropriate final measurements. Your samples will be returned to you within 90 days of the pattern being posted for sale. Send your project samples to the following address:

Knit Picks
c/o Pattern Sample Manager
13118 NE 4th Street
Vancouver, WA 98684

Occasionally our Marketing Department will ask to photograph an IDP project for use in our catalog, web advertising, or other marketing efforts. We ask that you keep the finished project in your possession for 90 days after it is posted for sale on the website so it is available for photography. Knit Picks will provide the designer digital copies of any photographs taken by Knit Picks photographers.


Terms and Conditions
We require the terms and conditions form to be signed and returned for every pattern in the IDP program. The form can be printed out and mailed with your finished sample, or upload a signed copy when you submit your final pattern. Download a copy of Terms and Conditions form HERE >>

Pattern Support
Customer service for patterns in the IDP program will be provided by the designer. The Knit Picks Customer Service Department will direct all questions about IDP patterns directly to the designer. This will allow you to receive feedback directly from customers who purchased your pattern and provide them with help or correction. A current email address must appear on all patterns, and we ask you to respond to customer questions within a week of receiving an email. If you will be unavailable by email for more than a few days, please set up an auto-response so customers know they will be helped as soon as possible upon your return. Customer service is very important to Knit Picks, and we reserve the right to remove patterns if we receive complaints from customers who do not receive timely pattern support.

Submitting Final Pattern
Once your pattern meets all of these requirements, please submit through the Finalized Pattern Portal. These submissions will be presented to the Review Board for final approval before it is be posted for sale. Submissions that do not meet file formatting, photography, or other requirements will be asked to resubmit with appropriate changes.

Designers new to IDP should send in the required finished samples at the same time they submit their finalized pattern.

If you have questions regarding the IDP program or our pattern requirements, please email us at