For Immediate Release:
November 6, 2008

Angela Modzelewski
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Vancouver, WA-As the needle sponsor of the world’s fastest knitter, Knit Picks is excited to release Miriam Tegels’ top five tips to increase your own knitting speed. As the Guinness Book of World Record’s speed knitting record holder, Miriam can currently knit 118 stitches per minute. To reach break neck speed, she suggests that you:

  1. Knit in the continental style.
  2. Relax your shoulders.
  3. Keep all of your movements small and to a minimum. Keep your left index finger low, almost in line with your knitting needle.
  4. Let your yarn drape over your left index finger and down your left hand. Maintain tension by only clamping down on the yarn with your left ring and middle fingers.
  5. Practice, practice, practice! Time yourself. Once you can knit over 200 stitches in 3 minutes on size 8 needles with DK weight yarn, you’re ready to start competing!

See Miriam in action by visiting: and watching Knit Picks’ speed knitting video tutorial.

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