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Fiber Content: 100% Peruvian Highland Wool
Weight: Fingering Weight
Knitting Gauge: 7 - 8 sts = 1" on #1 - 3 needles (2.25mm-3.25mm)
Crochet Gauge: 21 – 32 sc = 4'' on B - E hooks (2.25mm-3.5mm)
Yards: 231
Grams: 50
Put Up: ball
Care: Hand Wash/Dry Flat

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4.166666 out of 5 stars

Sale! Palette Yarn

$2.27 - $454.50 50g / ball  Original Price: $3.79

You could call it our practical magnum opus. Palette is Knit Picks’ beloved 100% wool, fingering weight rainbow—expansive, ever-growing and ever-reliable. Designed especially for Fair Isle and colorwork, you’ll find hues that span the entire gradated wheel, including supporting neutrals and a full complement of heathers. Consider Palette for warm and durable socks, slim-fit sweaters or felted items galore; it’ll quickly find a permanent place in your stash and never disappoint.

Also available as natural undyed yarn so you can create your own colorways.
Retail: $3.79
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"Since I’ve discovered the joys of colorwork knitting, Palette has become my go-to yarn. It is softer than traditional colorwork wool, making it perfect for my itch-sensitive skin, but it’s still toothy enough to making stranding and steeking a breeze. Last fall I used it to make my first ever Fair Isle sweater, and this fall I’m hatching plans for lots of intricate two-color mittens."
-Melissa B., Knit Picks Art Director 

"Palette is such a great yarn for stranded mittens.  It's really cozy and soft and available in some seriously amazing colors." -Ann Marie, Knit Picks customer

"Apparently, Knit Picks Palette is kind of awesome for knitting colorwork.  It's nice and sticky, and it blocks beautifully.  Did I mention that when placed over a hot air vent, it seemed to block in about an hour?  No?  Well it did!  This of course pleased me so very much!" -Marissa S., Knit Picks customer

“I just bought three of the Fair Isle totes sample packs, one of each color, and I can’t tell you how much I love them!!... The yarn is beautiful and soft, and knits like a dream. This is probably some of the best yarn I've ever knit with!!! I am sososososososo happy with this. Thank you so much for putting this pack together!!!!” April L., Knit Picks customer


 Kerin describes the development of the Palette color spectrum in podcast episode 103.

Video of Palette arriving in the Knit Picks office

2 out of 5 stars

I made a hat for my fiance with corrugated ribbing using Hollyberry and White. By the time I finished the ribbing I realized that the dye from the Hollyberry had transferred to my fingers and then transferred to the White making the ribbing look smudged rather than crisp and contrasting. When I rinsed the hat in cool water so I could block it (it was a stocking cap), that essentially turned the Hollyberry and White ribbing to Hollyberry and Pink. I won't let him wear the hat outside during the day and I told him to tell anyone who asks, that his aunt made the hat and not I. I think this is probably the reason this yarn is so much cheaper than Jamieson's Spindrift. I'm not sure how it can be realistically claimed that this yarn was "designed especially for Fair Isle and colorwork".

5 out of 5 stars

For the price and color selection the quality is excellent. If you are looking for cashmere...this isn’t it! (Go look for yarn with a much heftier price tag!) I use this yarn for crocheting and knitting stuffed animals. I looked for yarn for a long time with a large color selection; I haven’t found one with a better selection so far... I don’t love all the colors and just like any yarn, you’ve got to check lot colors...and I don’t know that if would hold up well washing it...

4 out of 5 stars

I bought several colors from blue-green and the bare version of Palette to make a shawl. Very good so far, haven't tried washing it yet. The yarn has a bit of scratch but that's because it's natural wool. Nothin' a band-aid cover on your finger can't fix.

1 out of 5 stars

I would not use this yarn again nor would I ever recommend it. I just completed a large shawl (2000+ yards) with Palette in four graduated purple colors. The darkest was eggplant. The moment I put it into a cool basin of water, the purple began running- a lot. I got it out of the water and immediately rolled it in a towel. The towel is now stained purple. What I now have is something that could be a large piece of wall art that can never be washed, worn with light-colored clothing, or worn in the rain. Nor could I in good conscience give away the remaining yarn. Nor can I rescue this piece - the dark purple is striped throughout. I have been knitting for most of my 70 years and this has never happened. I've knit patterns from garter to Arran to lace and Fair Isle. I've knit with yarns from big box stores, LYSs, and fancy knit shops, to those spun and dyed with natural dyes on the farm where the animals were raised. Shame on me for not testing color-fastness beforehand. Shame on you for selling a product so unsuited one of its stated purposes, colorwork.

5 out of 5 stars

This is my go to yarn for any stranded color, or fine gauge sweater. I've made 2 Alice Starmore patterns from this and the results are spectacular!!!!

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