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First Light eBook


A first light is both the evening's final bow and a morning's opening show. Stars are still visible, but distant and ever-softening. The sun, starting as a faraway stroke of gold, rises to a bright and burning orange. Nightfall's quietness erupts into the din of birds. First light is all about the beginning of an illumination, and the moment when fine details come into view.

Such beautiful and unexpected balances are the inspiration behind our 14 pattern collection of accessories and other layering garments. And assuredly, while we think these photos are fantastic, you don't have to live in an impossibly sun-drenched loft to make these pieces work. Whether you're modern or romantic, bend rustic or urban, you'll find everyday pieces to love, because it's all about how you chose to wear them and the personal way you style yourself.

Most importantly, we hope you'll enjoy the process as well. When knitting, there's a dawning excitement as an item begins to take shape--the moment you can finally see a sweater or cowl within your web of yarn. In the most basic sense, that's what First Light is: the joy created by an image made clear.

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