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Weaving Tools

Stick Shuttles
Stick Shuttles by Kromski $4.00

Pick-Up Sticks
Pick-Up Sticks by Kromski $5.25

Heddle Blocks
Heddle Blocks by Kromski $29.00

Fiddle Heddle
Fiddle Heddle by Kromski $32.00

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Weaving Books

Weaving Made Easy
Weaving Made Easy by Liz Gipson $24.99 $14.99 40% off Sale

The Weaver's Idea Book
The Weaver's Idea Book by Jane Patrick $29.95 $17.97 40% off Sale

Hands On Rigid Heddle Weaving
Hands On Rigid Heddle Weaving by Betty Linn Davenport $26.95 $16.17 40% off Sale

Warping Your Loom DVD
Warping Your Loom DVD by Madelyn van der Hoogt $34.95

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