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Author: Nancy Marchant
Binding: Softcover
Pages: 75 Projects - 256 Pages
Read Reviews (1):
5.000000 out of 5 stars

Knitting Fresh Brioche

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Retail: $24.95

World-renowned brioche knitting expert Nancy Marchant takes this versatile European stitch—which creates a luxurious, reversible ribbed fabric—to a new level! In her groundbreaking collection, Marchant works brioche in two colors, forming graceful, undulating textures with increases and decreases. She explains everything from how to hold the yarn and cast on (offering multiple options) to creating the basic fabric and reading two-color charts. The stitch library presents 75 all-new patterns, and there are an additional 12 in luscious shawl and scarf projects.
Item No. 32635

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5 out of 5 stars

I have a very large library of knitting books--some are for patterns, some are for techniques and some are for stitch patterns. Originally, I purchased this book for the techniques and stitch patterns. There is, what I'd call a glossary of brioche stitch patterns, a large glossary, which shows the front and back of each stitch pattern. its my opinion that this is where the book shines. You can use these stitch patterns and turn it into pretty much any type of scarf you want. sometimes, I'd swatch to see how two color-contrasting yarns or two types (alpaca & silk, for example) of yarns would work together. Sometimes I'd want to make slight changes to the patterns. If it looked good, i'd keep going. If it didn't, i'd tink my way back and try something else. While knitting, I'd try to study & understand what was going on and figure out how I could incorporate the pattern into a garment that required shaping. I noticed that another brioche knitting book used sections of brioche to enhance a garment, such as a central panel or yoke of a brioche pattern, surrounded by a rib brioche stitch or a non-brioche pattern. These are methods that could make shaping much easier without modifying a complicated brioche pattern. Recently, I got into what a knitter self-proclaimed, Twigg-Stitch knitting. she did go through the effort to establish increasing, decreasing and other knitting details so perhaps the self-proclamation is deserved. Essentially, it's a one-pass brioche knitting method. However, because it does not require the use of yarnovers as placeholders for the second pass of a row, Twigg Stitch knitting is not as loose and it requires less yarn than brioche. The handling of yarn seemed rather complicated until I watched a YouTube video, where a knitter demonstrated her method of Twigg-knitting. Now, I'm consumed with knitting nearly everything, reversible. Basically, I knit one garment and end up with two. It's particularly practical for scarves, infinity scarves and cowls where the reverse-side is as attractive as the facing side. This is where my knitting has been, playing with these brioche stitch patterns and working them into a twigg-knit pattern.