Author: Edited by Knit Picks Staff
Binding: Softcover
Pages: 81 pages, 14 patterns
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Everyday Wraps

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What has the brightest colors, the coolest effects, the softest hand, and still wears like iron? Sock yarn! Don’t hide your brightest and boldest yarn choices under shoes and pants; wear them proudly where everyone can see with these 14 colorful, wearable, and knittable shawls that bring sock yarn into the spotlight. With sock durability and convenience, Everyday Wraps are for more than just special occasions, filling even the little moments with a brilliant spectrum of color and comfort.
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Alyce Scarf Pattern
Alyce Scarf $4.99 New

West Bluff Pattern
West Bluff $4.99 New

Ilana Wrap Pattern
Ilana Wrap $4.99 New

Koloreak  Pattern
Koloreak $4.99 New

Wild Vortex Pattern
Wild Vortex $4.99 New

Junction Shawl Pattern
Junction Shawl $4.99 New

Iris Shawl Pattern
Iris Shawl $4.99 New

Duchess Pattern
Duchess $4.99 New

Fractal Shawl Pattern
Fractal Shawl $4.99 New

Flush Shawl Pattern
Flush Shawl $4.99 New

Stratosphere Pattern
Stratosphere $4.99 New

Collarey Shawl Pattern
Collarey Shawl $4.99 New

Joycejubilair Pattern
Joycejubilair $4.99 New

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