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Author: Karen Manthey
Binding: Softcover
Pages: 388 Pages
Read Reviews (1):
3.000000 out of 5 stars

Crocheting For Dummies, 3rd Ed.

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Retail: $24.99

Get hooked on the art of crochet
The crochet craze has taken the craft world by storm. If you've caught the bug and want to take your skills from beginner to beguiling, look no further than the friendly guidance in this bestselling guide. In Crocheting For Dummies 3rd Edition you'll find out how to choose the right hooks and yarns to complete your project, switch colors as you go, utilize varying crochet stiches for different looks, and so much more. Companion project videos will help readers master the concepts and techniques coveredin the book.
Julia Roberts and countless other celebrities are doing it—and you can, too! Taking the intimidation out of the timeless art of crocheting, this updated edition gives crafters of every skill level the knowledge and know-how to choose the right tools, create basic stitches, and finish off your work to make beautiful pieces of art. From learning to create consistency with gauge swatches to decoding patterns, symbols, and diagrams, this easy-to-follow guide is all you need to create beautiful designs in no time!
  • Includes fresh new patterns, stitches, and techniques
  • Covers common crocheting mistakes and how to correct them
  • Provides guidance on crocheting with eco-awareness, like working with organic yarns, tie-dye yarns, and free trade and sustainably sourced fibers
  • Gets you up to speed on resources and events held within the crochet community
Whether you're a first-time crocheter or looking to expand your skillset, Crocheting For Dummies gives you everything you need to get hooked like a pro.
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  • Customer Picks

3 out of 5 stars

This author took the title of this series too literally. There is a lot of good information in this book, but to get that information, you need to have much more tolerance than I even want to have for being treated like you have the IQ of a parsnip. If I do not like the color pictured, I can use a different color yarn - hold the presses, who knew! That is, the author, instead of talking about why one would choose certain colors of yarn, the author captions a photo with the information that if I do not like the color in the picture I can make the scart in a different color. Maybe if you never went to nursery school you managed to reach Kindergarten without ever being allowed to choose what color crayon to color with, if you had unusually overbearing parents. Otherwise, most five year olds, even ones who do not know the alphabet yet, know how to choose a different color crayon, sheet of construction paper, shirt, and probably even a different color piece of yarn. I could not get into this book far enough to find it useful. Maybe if I get stuck on a project someday and cannot find the answer anywhere else, I will get desperate enough to look something up in here. Until then, I refuse to be treated like " the little woman" or whatever other degrading stereotype the author had in mind when writing this book.