Author: Emma Brown
Binding: Softcover
Pages: 112 Pages, 25 Projects
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Crocheted Bears and Other Animals

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Adorable animal friends to crochet for children of all ages.

A world away from mass-produced plush toys, Emma Brown’s hand-crocheted creations live on the make-believe island of Shady Bay. The animals all have their part to play in island life.
  • Ronnie the bear is the Ranger on Shady Bay and he takes his rucksack and cozy scarf whenever he goes on his outdoor adventures.
  • Archie and Boris are two crafty canine brothers and together they build the homes for the other animals on the island.
  • Whimsie the bunny has a wild imagination.
  • Breeze the owl swoops high amongst the trees gathering the midnight fruit for the other animals.
  • And many others!
With 25 gorgeous patterns suitable for beginners through to experienced crafters, you’re sure to find a unique toy in Crocheted Bears and Other Animals that will spark a child’s imagination and become a firm friend for life.
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