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Pages: 6 Projects - 33 Pages
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Chroma Collection

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The anticipation of working just one more row to reveal the next subtle wave of color - therein lies the allure and magic of Chroma. Celebrating the distinctive color transitions that Chroma is known for, this 6-pattern collection shows off a veritable mix of designs for both home decor and accessories. From afghans, mittens, and scarves to a hat and shawlette - each pattern of the Chroma collection is designed to make the most of the subtle shifts of color through a variety of techniques including faux-isle, modular knitting and colorwork.

The Chroma collection includes the following patterns:
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1 out of 5 stars

I purchased this collection only for the Dot Blanket which I was completely in love with. I'm not an extremely experienced knitter so I brought the pattern to my local knitting shop to get help from the two very advanced knitters that own the shop. After 30 minutes of the three of us reading and re-reading the pattern their response was the pattern was so difficult and convoluted that they couldn't think of any knitter they knew (including themselves) that would be ambitious enough to attempt it. I'm extremely disappointed and wouldn't recommend this pattern book.