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Arch Lazy Kates
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The Arch Lazy Kate is tensioned to prevent the spools from spinning freely, and a great tool for plying your spun yarn. They hold up to three bobbins. The bobbin rods are made of heavy metal.

The Kromskis make two styles of Lazy Kates—the arched version now comes standard with all Mazurka and Symphony wheels; the upright Kate comes standard with the Polonaise.

These tensioned Kates will accommodate most other brands of bobbins including Ashford (standard bobbins), Jensen, Reeves, Timbertops, Majacraft, and Lendrum (regular and very fast bobbins). (Bobbins not included with the Lazy Kate)

If you have any difficulty understanding the instructions, assembly process, or having it operate to its fullest potential, please contact Kromski's Customer Service at (229)-859-2001 for more information.

Arch Lazy Kate
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Arch Lazy Kate - Clear
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Arch Lazy Kate - Mahogany
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Arch Lazy Kate
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