Medium: plastic
Size: 6.25"W, 5.5"L, 8.5"H
Vendor: Prym-Dritz
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3.000000 out of 5 stars

Yarn Valet Yarn Dispenser


We love smooth tension! Sitting to the side of the stitcher, the yarnDispenser™ "twirls" the skein or ball and lets the yarn release at just the perfect tension. Additional features include a 4"in/cm gauge rulers, stitch marker holders and a pattern holder slot, just for fun. 
6.25"W, 5.5"L, 8.5"H Item No. 82867

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3 out of 5 stars

Hello I was believing there was something missing on Valet after purch. I went to use it immediately and spent 20 min trying to see if that was the case. i then sat down to use it and was certain there are parts missing IE: suction cups in the 3 holes in bottom. The valet as I watched a pod cast from creators mentioned this is for small skeins that pull from the outside (not an inside pull ) .. UGH! I'm so disappointed that I saved for this! It wont pull smoothly.. the spinal does NOT SPIN FREELY! & when a lil pull with ANY /SLIGHT OR IN GENERAL REG . /LIL MORE OF A TUG to get yarn Valet to spin...NO USE!! This is why I think it needs suction cups so ANY PULLING works & so the Valet stays put. VERY DISAPPOINTED!! I generally don't bother with reviews but I had to save for this helper that DOES NOT HELP~SADLY!!