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Save Our Sweaters Brush


Don't let pills send your sweaters to an early grave! End the cotton, wool and cashmere carnage with Lilly Brush - equal parts science, fashion and emotional breakthrough. Like a magic wand of nylon bristles, it'll take your beloved sweater out of the donation pile and back into your warbrobe. Measures 6.5" long.
Item No. 81772

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2 out of 5 stars

I was so excited to try this brush on my hand knits but was quickly disapointed. Just pushed the pills around wool. Pulled angora out of the knitted fabric without removing any of the pilled pieces. Fuzzed merino wool without removing a single pill. I am still giving it a couple stars because I have a few more things I'll try it on before I give up on it. By the way, on the same order I got a knitpicks pill shaver for $3.99... worked perfectly, I'd recommend that over this brush.