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Vendor: Clover Needlecraft
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5.000000 out of 5 stars

Knitting Counter - Mini Kacha Kacha

$8.40 20% off

This convenient pendant can be worn around your neck while you keep track of knitted stitches and rows accurately.
Retail: $10.50 Item No. 82690

  • Customer Picks

5 out of 5 stars

I bought one of these quite a while ago, and it quickly became my favorite counter. I have a bad habit of forgetting to click a counter every time I finish a row, so I mounted this on the loop of a small binder clip, and now I attach the clip right to the right-side edge of whatever piece I'm working on. If I'm knitting in the round, I just slip it over the needle like a stitch marker. No more forgotten rows! Great product, sturdy, no batteries. Love it.

5 out of 5 stars

I bought this in a store and I thought I was being taken for a ride with a $9.99 price tag but it was well worth it! It has a hole for a lanyard or keychain, a lock to hold your count in place while it jumbles around in your bag, can be manually reset or counted ahead with the number dials, is easy to use, and is my favorite color-green! It doesn't feel cheap, it is sturdy, and I was very upset when I thought I lost mine (but found it!) this is a great stitch counter.

5 out of 5 stars

I'm really thankful for the 'lock' feature of this product. I used mine so well, my husband decided he wanted one too, and he doesn't even knit! He likes the sound it makes! :) I shall have to order myself one per pair of needles because I work on multiple projects at once.