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Medium: vinyl
Size: 6" x 8" when closed
Vendor: Knit Picks
Read Reviews (8):
4.375000 out of 5 stars

Knit Picks Interchangeable Needle Case - Silver


Need a resilient fold-away place to keep your DPNs, crochet hooks, or other small tools organized? Our Knit Picks Needle Cases are practical, resilient, and stylish! A vinyl exterior makes it easy to clean while a cotton/poly interior features 10 slits per side, which can fit needles and hooks that are 5" in length or shorter.
6" x 8" when closed Item No. 82859

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The Complete Needle Kit - Majestic
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4 out of 5 stars

Very pretty color, I got the gold. Good zipper that moves smoothly. The inner organization is really to my liking. Enough spaces for my Caspian interchangeable knitting needle set, plus my 1 set of foursquare tips on the same side. And FYI the Caspian crochet hooks DO fit in this case easily. The cables in one large zipper pocket. The viewgage, coils, end caps, measuring tape and connectors in the other. I also keep my tip protectors on my tips in the case. This case is really nice. I would like a higher quality material on the interior but it's as good as most other high end cases. I'm willing to let that slid at the price of this case. But the point that cost the 5th star is that something left a mark on it. Looks like it took the finish off. It's very tiny but stands out on the shinny material. I have only had it for a couple of weeks and it is in a soft place. I don't carry it around. It may not stay pretty long.

3 out of 5 stars

Overall the case is nice for it's generous pockets and good quality zippers. While this is a good case for the price paid, there is one thing that I would change in the design if I could. I have nickel plated needles and they tend to slide out of the case if held at an angle. Rotating the openings to the center would make it slightly more difficult to insert the tips unless the case was flat, but they would be less likely to slide out accidently overall.

5 out of 5 stars

I was so pleasantly surprised when I got this! The reviews were good but it was still much better than I expected. Generously sized, beautifully made. Just perfect!

4 out of 5 stars

I just received this case today. It had a lot of loose threads both inside and out, but I trimmed these. It holds all my Knitpicks needle tips, cables, and attachments, with room to spare. The tip pockets will hold more than one set (except the sizes over 11). (I own quite a lot of extra tips and a few more cables than come in the basic set.) The tips seem to stay put in their pockets, unlike the pricey organizer I had been using. It holds a needle gauge, and there is room to spare for some small tools should I want to travel with this. I think there is enough padding. Time will tell if it holds up well. For the price point I think it's fairly good. Most other organizers are easily triple or quadruple the price. I am using this to replace a very expensive Indie-made organizer that really disappointed me. I wish you had a similar one to store all my fixed point circulars in this line. I may order another one in a different color to store DPNs and crochet hooks.

5 out of 5 stars

Affordable and wonderfully sized! I was almost ready to give in and pay a bunch of money for an IC Needles cases from another company when Knit Picks saved my wallet. This case perfectly holds two sets of Knit Picks IC Needles. I have the Majectics and am seriously considering the Nickel set, now that I have a case that will hold both. I have 5 long cables (40") that I keep in their packages for easy identification, and they fit nicely in one pocket, leaving my other pocket free for my shorter cables. If you have been looking for a case for your interchangeables, pick up this one. The price just can't be beat!

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