Medium: Hardcover, spiral bound
Size: 111 pages
Vendor: Ingram Publisher Services
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Knit Fix

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With clear illustrations and instructions, Knit Fix teaches you to correct twisted stitches, figure out where those extra stitches came from, hide or repair color mistakes, close up holes, alter a finished piece for a perfect fit—and so much more. It's all here, from the basics of identifying a stitch to techniques for solving the toughest knitting problems. 111 pages Retail: $19.95 Item No. 30803

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"I’m a self taught knitter, and I figured out lots of things through trial and error.  But sometimes, I would make a mistake, and have no idea how to fix it.  Or I’d try to fix it and make it worse.  Knit Fix is an amazing book that belongs in every knitter’s library and I wish that I had as a new knitter.  This book explains how to fix every mistake or problem that you could possibly come across while knitting.  And there are clear photographs, diagrams, and written instructions to help you identify what you did, why it is a mistake, and how to fix it.  Every knitter makes mistakes, but the ability to fix them helps you to become a confident and fearless knitter!" Kate Perry, Marketing Assistant

 Kelley reviews "Knit Fix" in podcast episode 15.

5 out of 5 stars

I have given this book as a gift several times to beginners. I have been knitting for 64 years and my students have started sending me texts with pictures.....what's wrong things. It really hard to fix things over the phone. This book does wonders for those easy fixes. Thank you.