Size: One Bobbin - Approx 4-5 meters
Vendor: Superior Threads
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Conductive Thread

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On at least one brisk morning, you've probably tried in vain to use a touchscreen device with your favorite, toasty gloves. Sure, like a kitten playing with a toy, this can look adorable! But if you're ready to stay warm and get down to business, there's a crafty solution: Conductive thread.

Gloves and mittens block out the unique properties of the human body which smart phones and tablets rely on for navigation. By incorporating this discreet, silver thread into the fingertips, the problem is solved. You can turn the page on your e-book or answer a call without hesitation or chilly hands. Double-strand while knitting and crocheting or stitch into preexisting items. To the unknowing observer, you'll just appear magical.

One Bobbin - Approx 4-5 meters Retail: $4.99 Item No. 81409

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3 out of 5 stars

This thread works fine, but it is very thick and dark. I would not recommend it for use with light colored projects.