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View All Pattern Kits

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Andean Chullo
Andean Chullo by Kerin Dimeler- Laurence $36.40 $29.12

Arri Hat Kit
Arri Hat Kit by Zabet Kempfert $21.97 $17.57

Austen Kit
Austen Kit by Knit Picks $54.97 $43.97

Baltic Lace
Baltic Lace by Kerin Dimeler- Laurence $38.33 $30.66

Barnsdall Cardi Pattern Kit
Barnsdall Cardi Pattern Kit by Laura Birek $84.10 $67.26

Beginner Blanket Kit
Beginner Blanket Kit by Knit Picks $71.84

Brigid Pattern Kit
Brigid Pattern Kit by Margaret Mills $72.34 $57.87

Catamaran Kit
Catamaran Kit by Knit Picks $14.97

Chromatic Cowl Pattern Kit
Chromatic Cowl Pattern Kit by Vanesa Polo $23.96

Clock Tam
Clock Tam by Kerin Dimeler- Laurence & Nina Isaacson $35.41 $28.33

Coastal Creatures
Coastal Creatures by Knit Picks $28.91 $24.11

Craftsman Afghan
Craftsman Afghan by Kerin Dimeler- Laurence $46.87 $37.50

Dish Towel Set
Dish Towel Set by Knit Picks $19.94 $17.94

East Meets West Satchel
East Meets West Satchel by Kerin Dimeler- Laurence $74.79 $59.83

Fancy Feet
Fancy Feet by Kerin Dimeler- Laurence $37.82 $30.26

Fireside Afghan Kit
Fireside Afghan Kit by Donna Barranti $37.81

Fog Bank Hat and Mitts Pattern Kit
Fog Bank Hat and Mitts Pattern Kit by Holli Yeoh $70.93 $56.73

Frost Slippers Kit
Frost Slippers Kit by Emily Kintigh $12.95

Fuchsia Crescent Shawl
Fuchsia Crescent Shawl by Renate Siebke $15.46 $12.37

Gurumi Family
Gurumi Family by Kerin Dimeler- Laurence $28.91 $23.13

Happily Sweater Pattern
Happily Sweater Pattern by Katy Banks $50.36 $45.32

Happy Sheep Headband Pattern Kit
Happy Sheep Headband Pattern Kit by Trelly Hernandez $16.06 $14.45

Hearthwarming Stocking
Hearthwarming Stocking by Kerin Dimeler- Laurence $27.87

Helianthus Shawl
Helianthus Shawl by Mone Dräger $37.96 $32.26

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