Knitting Yarn Samplers

Stock up on your favorite yarns with 15 new samplers in a variety of color coordinated weights and fibers and save 10%!

Knitting Yarn Samplers

Neptune Aloft Sampler
Neptune Aloft Sampler $27.96 $20.97 New

Sweet Pea Aloft Sampler
Sweet Pea Aloft Sampler $34.95 $26.21 New

Galaxy Biggo Sampler
Galaxy Biggo Sampler $42.45 $31.84 New

Northwest Biggo Sampler
Northwest Biggo Sampler $28.46 $21.35 New

Debonair Capretta Sampler
Debonair Capretta Sampler $62.32 $46.76 New

150 Palette Sampler
150 Palette Sampler $518.10 $419.99