Looms & Weaving Tools

Everything you need to start weaving with your rigid heddle loom including stick shuttles and floor stands for your loom.  

Looms & Weaving Tools

Ulltimate Oval Loom Knitting Set
Ulltimate Oval Loom Knitting Set by Leisure Arts $19.99 Clearance

Loome - Big A Model
Loome - Big A Model by Loome LLC $12.00

Loome - Robot Model
Loome - Robot Model by Loome LLC $12.00

Harp Loom Bags Improved
Harp Loom Bags Improved by Kromski $62.00

Fiddle Heddle
Fiddle Heddle by Kromski $32.00 Clearance

Heddle Blocks
Heddle Blocks by Kromski $33.00

Harp Heddles
Harp Heddles by Kromski $42.00

Floor Stand for Looms
Floor Stand for Looms by Kromski $135.00

Harp Forte Looms
Harp Forte Looms by Kromski $279.00

Pick-Up Sticks
Pick-Up Sticks by Kromski $6.00

Stick Shuttles
Stick Shuttles by Kromski $5.40